Associate Degree in Information Technology

An associate degree in information technology will provide graduates with the skills and knowledge they need to work efficiently in many workplace settings. The curriculum has a good foundation for many areas of work such as programming, learning about technology applications, and legal and ethical issues. Those who graduate with an associate degree in information technology will learn about computer programming, network support, software design, web design, network security, and much more. IT is a global field because it is on the internet, major players such as China and India are contributing to the field tremendously. Information technology has a huge array of careers available, and graduating with an online degree can help you get a great career.

Most roles in IT are in offices, so you will be spending a lot of time on the phone or on a computer. If you enjoy working in a team, employers will look upon this very highly. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics states that IT professionals have many career opportunities in business and communications. They also predict that the amount of jobs available will grow 16 percent to 2016 which is must faster than most other industries. Employers require a college degree for any position in IT. Many people have a bachelor degree and work for IT, however, an associate degree can qualify you for many entry level jobs as well. An online degree can be the first step toward a career in IT. The salaries for IT workers is great as well, according to the BLS, network administrators earn around $64,000, while network analysts can earn around $68,000!